Welcome to the world of Alva

Born of the whim of seven – now absent – gods, Alva is an old world, once the pinnacle of civilisation and place of wonders. Now, a new golden dawn rises as the tyrannical Dragon Empire just lost its grip on the other races and the prophecies show new opportunities for the old races of Alva.

A brief rundown of the history so far

Alva was created and populated by seven gods: Dream, Desire, Death, Destruction, Despair, Destiny and Delirium: the Eternals. Each created a race in their own image, imbuing them with certain characteristics that forever marked them as different and unique. Until today, these races are referred to as blood-races or races of the line, meaning the line that traces them back to the Eternals.

Dream created Humans.
Desire created the Eladrin race.
Death created the Halflings.
Destruction created Gnolls.
Destiny created the Deva.
And Delirium created Genasi.

Despair didn’t breathe life into any sentient beings and her reasons for not doing so were shrouded in mystery. Nevertheless the remaining races thrived in Alva, the guilds – one for each race, their legitimacy grounded on the lines – were born and their Empire encompassed everything. As time passed, other races found their way into Alva

The seven things you need to know about Alva

1. The world is mostly water;

2. The world is mysterious;

The Torment brought a great deal of change to Alva

3. The Dark Ages ended not so long ago;

4. The Lines, or Blood-races, and its guilds are significant again;

5. The idea of a Wizard is a new thing;